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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Policy Papers & Other Publications

Mitigating Coercive Parenting Through Home Visitations: Impacts of a Parenting Program Targeted at Vulnerable Communities in Jamaica (with Francesco de Simone, Camila Mejía, José Martinez-Carrasco and Harold Villalba), 2022. IDB Working Paper IDB-WP-1305. (English)

COVID-19 Lockdowns and Domestic Violence: Evidence from a Domestic Violence Hotline in Argentina (with Enrique Carreras), 2020. Chapter 1, IDB Technical Note IDB-TN-1956. (English) (Spanish)

The Evolution of Citizen Security in Colombia in Times of COVID-19 (with Nathalie Alvarado, Ervyn Norza, Santiago Tobón and Martín Vanegas-Arias), 2020. IDB Technical Note IDB-TN-2034. (English) (Spanish)

Working Papers

Talk or Text? Evaluating Response Rates by Remote Survey Method During Covid-19 (with Sofía Amaral, Lelys Dinarte, Patricio Dominguez and Steffany Romero), 2022. Submitted.

Helping Families Help Themselves? The (Un)Intended Impacts of a Digital Parenting Program (with Sofía Amaral, Lelys Dinarte and Patricio Dominguez), 2022. R&R Journal of Development Economics.

Using Centralized Assignment to Evaluate Entrepreneurship and Life-Skills Training Programs in Argentina (with Diego Ubfal), 2018.

Work in Progress

How to measure public trust in the police? A framework with an application for Colombia (with Verónica Abril, Santiago Tobón and Martín Vanegas-Arias).

Building trust in state actors: A multi-site experiment with the Colombian National Police (with Verónica Abril, Ervyn Norza, Santiago Tobón and Michael Weintraub)

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